Want to keep Carefree simple? Vote for Sample!

Peter’s commitment to Carefree residents as mayor:

Appropriate Growth & Development

In order to preserve open spaces, it is a priority to keep future development balanced and appropriate for our community. Growth is necessary, but it must be aligned with our values. In the past, multiple development attempts failed in Carefree primarily because residents did not want our quiet town permanently changed and become an extension of the vast over-development that has occurred within Scottsdale.

We were told a “boutique hotel” would be developed in the town center; however, a 4-story Hampton Inn was built. With the Major General Plan Amendment, they are proposing a “low-density destination resort” with provisions for natural desert, preservation of rock formations, and non-branded architecture… Which is how the Hampton Inn was presented to us initially.

Public Safety 

Ensuring our fire department is a member of the regional automatic-aid system will allow all residents, especially those who have chosen to retire in Carefree, to receive the quickest and most comprehensive  fire and medical service possible.  We must not forget that the fire department is the most important service that our town provides for us. 


As mayor, I will ensure that each resident will see increased public outreach and transparency. Carefree residents will have a respectful environment to voice their opinions on upcoming projects and developments that affect them and our unique town.

Term Limits

Elected officials are here to serve the residents of Carefree. Our community consists of a diverse group of talented professionals and retirees. Term limits strengthen our community by ensuring that new people can serve. Yet, my opponent sued our town so he would not have to adhere to term limits previously approved by Carefree voters.


“I am a man who leads by example with a focus on honesty, integrity, and accountability.”